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Dogs at Treacle

The Treacle Market is famously dog friendly, welcomes well behaved dogs every month & hosts the Treacle Hound Dog Show in September each year.


But we realise not everyone is as happy to meet a 'market mut' as we are. We would like to remind   owners of the wonderfully diverse array of canine visitors to please keep to the


Treacle Hound Code
*Please keep your dogs on a very short     lead whist mooching the market. 
*Please don't use extendable leads,       creating a trip hazard for others. 
*Please don't let your dog approach or      jump up uninvited at other visitors- not     everyone welcomes a wet nose.
* Please keep a poo bag primed & bin it!

* Please do not let your dog lift its leg &     widdle on stalls. It makes our traders     rather dispirited & is unhygienic.

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