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Getting to Macclesfield

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Macclesfield is located 17 miles south east of Manchester on the edge of the Peak District,  with beautiful & distinctive views of the hills from many of it's streets.

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Treacle Market is five minutes walk from the train station (20 minutes train journey from Manchester or Stoke) and a minute from the Bus station. See map.

It makes a great starting point for Sunday cycling in the Peak District or Macc Forrest.There are bike racks in Marketplace for you to use.

Macc, also known as Treacle Town, is a handsome old market town,  the first market charter being granted in 1261.It went on in the 18th Century to become known for its production of fine silks and that making legacy is very much evident today's creative town.


Parking is free in most carparks in Macclesfield on a Sunday with a good range of accessible ones close to the market (see map). Traffic wardens  patrol on Sundays so on street parking is scrutinised.

We ask you always to remember the needs of disabled drivers and to park thoughtfully.

Coaches: There is parking allocated for coaches in car park 6 on the map.​We suggest dropping your visitors on Churchill Way. 

Please let us know before you visit so we can send you a copy of the monthly Treacle Rag to give to your passengers. 

Please note that as an outdoor event we are at the mercy of the elements and in extreme cases may have to close early for safety reasons if it is very windy. Please keep an eye on our social media on the day.


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Browsing the market

Treacle Market is easy to find, radiating from the Marketplace & Town Hall in the heart of Macclesfield. The olive green areas of the map show you  where you will find stalls.


Don't miss the various crevices of the market like the Butter Market and the stalls in the Grosvenor Centre entrance. You'll kick yourself if you miss something.And it changes every month!

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